Monday, August 17, 2009


Loyd and I have been having an on-going discussion about his status as a runner. I am very proud of him, and his determination to remain fit and healthy by running most days at the local Grimes Park site. At one time we both walked the trail daily, but after he retired he started running some as a hobby.
Needless to say, his favorite place to run is at Cherry Grove.... and his favorite running buddy is our daughter Marianne. I'm a late riser.... and I am usually still drinking my first cup of coffee when they come back to Fairway Oaks, all hot, sweaty, and exhausted!! Actually I am a envious of their strength and agility.... and the spiritual benefit of running on the beach, absorbing God's boundless beauty.
A few years ago he entered the St. Patty's Day race at Cherry Grove, along with Marianne, and his other favorite running companions.... granddaughter Jenni and her hubs Ben. He got a medal for 2nd place in age 70 and above .... and then in April he entered the Cooper River run, winning 4th place in age group 80 to 84.
After the 2008 Copper River run, Marianne contacted our local newspaper, THE DISPATCH, to
nominate him for the "OUR NEIGHBOR" feature in the Living Section..... well.... a celebrity was born!! Old school friends called him.... church members commented on the article.... the article was posted in our Sunday School class.... our minister dubbed him a celebrity when greeting him.
And the annual Loyd Tysinger/Walk/Run was organized by younger men at Mt. Tabor, impressed with his record and dedication.
Since that time, Loyd has competed in his second Copper River Run and came in 1st in his age group of 80 and above. The annual Loyd Tysinger/Walk/Run has brought in about $5,000.500
over 2 years for different projects at Mt. Tabor UCC. He continues to run most days.... senior citizens walking at Grimes Park tell him almost daily that he is their inspiration.... he runs with friends at the park.... and recently a younger man asked to run a few laps with him.
Loyd is modest, and quibbles about his status as a local celebrity..... he says that he is a rarity....
that few men of his age even care about running.... whether for health, or a hobby, or simply
for companionship.
To me Loyd is both.... he is a rare celebrity.... a person that eschews the spotlight.... but one who simply enjoys the run and the benefits it brings to both himself and others!!

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Marianne said...

I think that is very good and sums my daddy up pretty well!

I like the last paragraph "eschews the spotlight!" But he deserves it.

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